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Burns & Scalds

A burn is a skin damage due to direct heat. When caused by hot liquids, it is called a scald. Other causes of burns include fire, hot steam, chemical substances, electricity, radiation (including sunburns). Even prolonged contact with ice or …

Insufficient First Aid Awareness in Switzerland

Sadly, the story of the man who collapsed and died in a Valora kiosk at a train station in Switzerland is just the top of the iceberg. Marcel Schättin of the Interverband Rettungswesen summaries what I’ve noticed here very often: …

Mega Zumba Event

Everyone has heard about Zumba, a dance fitness programme combining hip-hop, salsa, samba, and other latin-american rhythms. We are very proud to sponsor this year’s MEGA Zumbathon®, an event that combines sport, nutrition and charity. Anyone interested in leaning more …