Physical Health & Well-Being


Learning and Living Health – Your New Destination!

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”
Edward Stanley, British statesman

Those who exercise more, are healthier. Those who are healthier, are happier. Each and every day, we have 24 hours at our disposal. It is up to us how we use this time, both professionally and privately. It can be challenging to live a healthy life, to pay attention to our health, our body and to be physically active and fit.

Exercise is like a miracle cure, individually dosed and with an incredible therapeutic effect. There is no one way to move and be physically active but we all need to find the way that works for us. The sooner we start on our new path, the faster we will reach our destination. And I am here to help reach this destination.

With the recent changes in the workplace environment, not only exercise is a key component for health and well-being: taking care of our mental health has become more important than ever.


Healthy Business – Healthy Employees

Live your best life at work because a healthy business means healthy employees. Are you ready to incorporate new habits and behaviours into your business?

Supporting your employees’ health and well-being makes your employees more efficient, more stress-resistant, healthier and more motivated and healthier.

Support your employees incorporating new habits into their daily routine that will lead to a healthier life.

Health & Well-Being Workshops for Holistic Health at the Workplace

Your employees are a key component to the “healthy “ economic growth of your business. You as the employer can contribute largely to promote your employees’ health and well-being by offering, encouraging and supporting appropriate measures and framework conditions.

There are many factors that can affect your employees’ health and well-being in a negative way. Examples are:
• stress, especially over a prolonged period
• high workload
• inefficient work processes
• unpleasant work atmosphere
• mobbing
• authoritarian leadership style
• lack of perspective within the company leading to lack of motivation
• high consumption of alcohol and tobacco

As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees. You play an important role in the prevention and reduction of health problems of your employees. Especially with the current pandemic situation with many employees being in the home office, be aware of the additional stress and strain on your employees.

Our body and our psyche react to such stress factors and the consequences can include:
• increased tension
• difficulties concentrating
• reduced productivity
• burn-out
• chronic fatigue
• sleep disturbances
• loss of appetite
• gastric problems


What can YOU do?

Talk about your employees’ physical and mental health. Be a role model.

Not every employee is comfortable or happy with the workplace changes that happened during the past year. Some have problems to adjust to the changed environment.

Don’t just say it is important, SHOW that your employees’ health is important to you, that it is your corporate responsibility.

  • Ask your employees how they feel.
  • Ask for their feedback.
  • Consciously offer support. Regardless of whether it is for ergonomics or for their mental health.



Create a Win-Win situation

Offer your employees a health and well-being programme, which not only your employees will benefit from but also your business.

Bring health to your workplace:
• increased well-being of your employees = increased productivity
• increased motivation of your employees = improved work atmosphere
• decreased sickness absence rate
• increased loyalty = reduced fluctuation
• cost saving
• competitive advantage




Learning health – a wonderful goal!

Today is the best day to start a healthy and happy life!

Take a look and think about your physical and mental health. Both for your professional and private life. Learn health, it’s much more fun than you think!


My tips for a healthy workplace:

  • Offer your employees interactive health and well-being workshops, even if virtual.
  • Make mental health a topic!
  • Provide ergonomic evaluations and coaching, they can also be done remotely.
  • Out with old thinking and in with new behavioural patterns.
  • Encourage measures against “digital illness”, just calling out to digitally detox is not effective.
  • Promote fitness exercises at the work desk, even in the home office.
  • Encourage regular active and relax breaks, especially in the home office.
  • Offer healthy meals and snacks in your cafeteria or support your employees with simple and quick but healthy snack and meal ideas.
  • Provide communication and relaxation areas and times, for example casual “coffee” times over Zoom.
  • Set a good example!