About Lui

My name is Luitgard Holzleg.

And to me, health means happiness. I try to live a healthy life myself. I enjoy cooking from scratch and good food. I don’t always love to exercise but I know how important it is for my health.

Why am I the right person?

  • I am a medical doctor and understand the science behind what I teach.
  • I have experience working in paediatrics, surgery, anaesthesiology and as a GP. 
  • I worked in Germany, the United Kingdom, and South Africa and volunteered in India, and am aware of differences in approach to health and safety and integrate that into my teaching.
  • I am a scientist and I employ evidence-based knowledge.
  • I have more than 20 years experience as a first aid instructor and guarantee the highest quality training.
  • I am passionate about everything I teach.
  • I ensure that everyone understands what I teach.
  • I strongly believe that everyone can save a life!
  • I design courses, workshops and presentations to suit your needs.

My medical degree sets me up to be able to and to enjoy supporting people to get healthy and to stay healthy for as long as possible. 

Get your first aid, health, well-being and wellness support and services all from one hand.



Luitgard Holzleg is my official name but everyone has been calling me Lui .. since forever. I was born in Germany, brought up there and for a short time in Sweden. My parents instilled a curiosity for foreign cultures in me and I lived, studied and worked in different countries including moving our entire family to the US for my husband’s job.

My education allows me to help on different levels:

  • medical doctor
  • member of the Ärztekammer (Chamber of Physicians) Westfalen Lippe, Germany since 1993
  • CPR, AED and First Aid instructor SGS, FAA/HSE (FAA, First Aid Award/ HSE, Health and Safety Executive, UK)
  • First Aid for Mental Health instructor (FAA, First Aid Award/ HSE, Health and Safety Executive, UK))
  • Accredited Ergonomic assessor and advisor (Mensch & Büro, Germany)
  • Certified Health 10+ advisor (AHAB, Germany)
  • Licensed Back Therapy instructor (HFA/BdR, Germany)
  • BrainFit trainer (AHAB, Germany)
  • Safeguarding instructor (FAA, First Aid Award/ HSE, Health and Safety Executive, UK))