Learning about health, safety and well-being…
And living it – Your Ultimate Goal!

Are you looking for a highly qualified and competent first aid, health and well-being expert?

Luitgard’s mission is to make your life healthier, safer and thus happier. Whether this is at work or in your free time, as a physician, health and ergonomic coach, Luitgard is your one-stop expert consultant for:

  • CPR & First Aid courses

  • Physical and mental Health & Well-being support

  • Ergonomic Services

Your health and that of those around you demands the best support. Luitgard is a:

  • Medical doctor
  • certified CPR/BLS/AED & First Aid instructor
  • certified First Aid for Mental Health instructor
  • licensed Ergonomic assessor and coach
  • certified Safeguarding instructor
  • licensed Back therapy specialist
  • certified Health coach

and adheres to the highest standards of health education.