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Medical News 2015

We love this, a medical news flashback into the year 2015.

Happy Holidays

We wish all our course participants, customers, and followers wonderful and peaceful festive days free of emergencies, medical dilemmas and health concerns.

Five Tips for Holiday Eating

I cannot wait for our family to gather over the holidays. The children are already home from university, my parents will stay with us for a few days, my sister and her family will join, I simply love the holiday …

32 New AEDs

These are fantastic news for anyone suffering from a cardiac arrest in canton Zug. The cantonal government had decided to grant the credit to purchase of 32 new defibrillators for public areas in the canton. Defibrillators are easy to use: …

Milk Hyper-Sensibility

According to a Swedish study, only 3% of all students who according to their own words were allergic to milk actually suffered from a milk protein allergy. The study, published in Acta Paediatrica earlier this month, looked at nearly 2000 …

Smaller Portions = Decrease in Obesity?

My blog link today might not be from a scientific source but nevertheless, it gets the point across I’ve been wondering about for so long: I’m at an age where I still remember what portion sizes used to be like …