Ergonomic Health & Well-Being


Ergonomics deals with the interface between humans and the environment. Resource-oriented ergonomics advice is more than just sitting properly. Resources are both the skills of an employee in dealing with the workplace and the given infrastructure.

An ergonomically designed workplace is not only a question of furniture and other equipment but requires an informed user. Those who spend a lot fo their time at a desk, should be aware of correct usage, recommended posture and position of equipment and the benefits of regular breaks.

Back problems are considered the most widespread condition and are the most common cause for inability to work, causing large economic losses.

Physical strain at the desk workplace is often considered particularly harmful to the back. But especially here, employees would able to make improvements themselves, if they were aware of their own possibilities. Sadly, this potential often remains unused.

One step at a time

Just changing a small habit or adjusting available furniture might make all the difference. I am surprised how many don’t even know the many ways an office chair can be adjusted.

I advise and educate your employees in the resource-efficient use of their workplace and assist your company in providing a healthy and ergonomically-friendly working environment.

Resource-oriented Ergonomics

Resource-oriented ergonomic consulting builds on the existing resources provided by you, the client. I investigate how the existing space and furnishings can be optimally adapted to the conditions of the office work processes and the individual conditions of an employee. My aim is to keep interventions as small as possible. Every posture at a workplace has a reason and needs to be evaluated carefully. Individual evaluations aim at optimising posture and positioning within each office workplace and strengthening self-awareness. Employees are taught to notice early when a posture becomes uncomfortable and thus unhealthy and what they can do to correct such poor postures and to prevent discomforts or pains. My goal is for an employee to adapt his or her posture to their own individual need, making the advice shared more sustainable.

As an accredited Ergonomics Assessor and Coach I bring health to your workplace:

  • increased well-being of your employees = increased productivity
  • increased motivation of your employees = improved work atmosphere
  • decreased sickness absence rate
  • reduced fluctuation due to appreciation
  • cost saving
  • competitive advantage


Typical Process of an Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Preliminary discussion with decision-makers and inspection of the premises
  • Preparation of a report with references to “ergonomic hotspots”
  • Informational behavioural workshop “Your Ergonomic Workplace”
  • Voluntary, individual evaluations and coaching at the workplace (between 15 and 30 min per person depending on needs)