CPR & First Aid Courses


Whether you are a teacher looking to update your first aid certification, a coach wanting to refresh your CPR certification or a parent wanting to learn about first aid measures in case your child has an illness or an injury, HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME makes every effort to offer the course you are looking for.

As a first aid course provider, I offer highest quality, up-to-date and fun training in all courses. These criteria include:

  • I am a medical doctor, and accredited CPR (BLS) and First Aid instructor
  • I teach following international standards of first-aid practice
  • I regularly participate in professional further education trainings
  • I am regularly monitored for quality assurance
  • I publish course content to ensure appropriate and required training
  • I provide certification for participants where regulations allow this

If you cannot find the course you are looking for, contact me here.

Basic First Aid
Basic First Aid
Learn to make the difference between life and death with hands-on BLS AED (CPR) training and standard first aid topics, including wounds, burns, fractures and head injuries.
Basic First Aid
First Aid on Children
Learn to help an injured or ill child, from babies to teenagers, whether it's your own child or a child in your care.
Basic First Aid
First Aid course for the Swiss Driver’s License
Mandatory and fully accredited first aid course for the application for a Swiss driving license for first time drivers.
Basic First Aid
Basic Life Support BLS (CPR) AED course
Learn the basic skills of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) as a response to a person who has collapsed.
Basic First Aid
Babysitting course
A two-day course teaching teenagers to become responsible babysitters. The course includes child development and care, safety guidelines and first aid measures, including choking.
Basic First Aid
Customised First Aid courses
I can customise any course to your needs, including sports, diabetes, anaphylaxis or oxygen administration training.