Poisoning can happen quickly: a moment of distraction, a bottle left standing on the counter, a lid not properly closed and a toddler has “tried” it. Poisoning in toddlers and children is primarily through cosmetics, cleaning products, and cigarettes. Luckily serious intoxications are rare but appropriate first aid measures are still needed. ⁠

After ingestion (only if the affected person is still responsive)

⁠* Give water, tea or diluted syrup to drink, approx. 100 to 200ml, in case of foaming agent only one sip. In case of corrosive substances give fluid as quickly as possible until a maximum 30 minutes after ingestion.⁠
* Give activated charcoal or anti-foaming agents only after medical recommendation⁠

After inhalation⁠

* Provide plenty of fresh air. Pay particular attention in closed rooms, silos and mines.⁠
* Calm patient. Note dangers and risk for rescuers.⁠

After skin contact⁠

* Remove contaminated clothes as quickly as possible. Generously rinse the affected skin area under running water.⁠
* If the skin is not burnt, wash skin thoroughly with water and soap.⁠


After splashes into the eye⁠

* Immediately rinse eye under running water for at least 10 minutes. Ensure eyelids are open the entire time. Pull eyelids carefully apart if necessary.⁠
* Tilt head slightly to the side of the injured eye to avoid contamination of not affected eye.⁠

In case of unconsciousness or respiratory or cardiac arrest⁠

* Call 144 (ambulance)⁠
* If necessary remove any foreign objects from mouth or throat (dentures, remains of tablets, vomit)
* Loosen any tight clothes⁠
* In case of unconsciousness and normal breathing – place into the recovery position⁠
* In case of unconsciousness and no breathing – start CPR⁠

Posted on November 08, 2019 by Luitgard Holzleg

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