A Breathtaking Picnic App

Today I want to introduce an app for your children: it was developed for the Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC), a non-profit scientific association. For many years, the IRC has been promoting the importance of CPR in cardiorespiratory emergencies.

One of their projects is “Kids Save Lives”, which is supported by the World Health Organization WHO. Its goal is to raise awareness of first aid amongst school children and improve their basic first aid skills.

The app follows Tum-Tum the Bear and the Squirrel Family and teaches children (and their parents) what to do in case of cardiac arrest and choking, two of the most serious and immediately life threatening emergencies – in a playful manner. And there is a button for you, the parents, too with important information. There are two parts to the app, a story to follow and a game to play. There’s even defibrillator in the story, and a life saving hero. Once you saw and played the entire story, play the game and become a hero yourself (or rather let your child become a hero). And I think kids will do much better than I did, as a true adult, I struggled playing the game ….

Download the app for your android device HERE and HERE for your Apple device.

Posted on April 22, 2017 by Luitgard Holzleg

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