Setting a Good Example – Sports Clubs with AEDs

An old boys’ team is getting together on the football field, having a fabulous time. suddenly, one of them collapses. His mates realise, he is not responding and not breathing either, he is having a cardiac arrest.

This scenario can and does happen on any football field in the world, and not only with the old boys but it can happen with the young guys, too. The use of an AED, the automated external defibrillator, this easy to use machine and simple chest compressions are THE way, the only way, to bring the teammate back to life: “shocking” him can bring his heart back to beating.

Savin a life is really simple: recognising that a person is in cardiac arrest, starting chest compression and using the closest public defibrillator. Wouldn’t we all want to give the old boy a chance to survive?

More and more sports clubs know of these scenarios and get prepared. Purchasing a defibrillator might not be cheap but it is the only way to counteract “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”. Does your sports club have one? Your club didn’t get one because the club members were worried they can hurt themselves or the casualty when using one? Defibrillators are absolutely safe, they analyse how the casualty’s heart is doing before actually allowing a shock to be given. And they talk to the first aider telling you every single step you need to take.

If your club is considering buying a defibrillator, make sure you book a training for all club members, too: from athletes, to coaches and why not include the volunteers at your club’s bar, too? It helps them to understand the importance of defibrillators and reduces the concerns they have about using them.

The worst you could do in the case of cardiac arrest is not to do anything. The best you can do is start chest compressions immediately and to use a defibrillator as soon as possible and without a delay. You can’t do anything wrong with a defibrillator!

Lern to save a life now, it’s simple! Improve the chance to save a life and convince your sports club purchasing a defibrillator is a great investment!

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

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