Increase Your Visibility

As you know, I am constantly on the outlook for interesting health and safety related products, those worth spending money on. As a runner, I am well aware that winter running or cycling is good for my health but does carry the risk of low visibility in the dark if you run before or after work.

Quite a while ago, I shared a link to a light-reflective spray by Volvo on my social media pages but at the time it was not available here (only in the UK, where we actually got a bottle to try it out, and I loved it (check out my Facebook page to see the photo I took using my phone and the flash).

Finally Volvo supports a project and the spray is now available under the name Albedo and I found it on the FamilySafety​ website. FamilySafety is a family owned business with the goal to be prepared for everyday common dangers, rather than suffering from possible consequences. I’ve already ordered a few bottles to show in my courses.

When would you use the spray? Any time you want to be well visible: when you go running in the dark (after work), for your kids on foot or when they bike, or if you cycle in the city. I think the price of the Albedo spray is very reasonable. If you find the shipping fees too high, remember, we are in Switzerland, why don’t you get together with some friends from your area, and share the shipping fees? Or remember – safety should be worth it!

Order your bottle today at Albedo Reflective Spray at FamilySafety

Posted on January 04, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

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