Becoming an Organ Donor

You might have noticed quite a few ads and posters talking about Organ Donation. One of the reasons that in Switzerland far fewer organs than in most other European countries. The current campaign wants to change that.

Organ donation is voluntary and depending on the country, donor consent is determined either by “opting in”, only those who have given explicit consent are donors, and “opting out”, anyone who has not refused is a donor (source wikipedia).

In Switzerland you must opt in to become a donor. Six human organs can be donated and transplanted here: the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, small intestine and pancreas. The SWISS TRANSPLANT website has all the information you need, also in English. And you can order a DONOR CARD directly from them.

Or, if you haven’t done so already because we talk about it in many courses we run, and I’ve shared it here before, too, why don’t you download the ECHO112 APP. This emergency call app is available on iTunes and for android phones and connects you to emergency services across the world. On the app, you can now add a VIRTUAL DONOR CARD. The Emergency ID (EID), which currently is only available in Switzerland, stores your medical information, just like Apple’s Health app but it can only be unlocked by hospitals who are equipped with the technology. For more information and a list of hospitals in Switzerland with the technology, visit their website.

Get your donor card NOW and share it with your friends and family, too, you could save someone’s life.

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

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