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  • Lisa B. Nicastri – BLS Course “Lui makes it so easy to learn how to use these life saving techniques, and gives you confidence through the process. I’ll return to her courses as often as I need to refresh my skills!”

  • Saichon Bunnag – BLS Complete “This was a very interesting and educational course.”

  • Kira Herzog – Erste Hilfe am Kind “Dieser Kurs ist jedem zu empfehlen, da er das eigene Vorwissen erweitert und aufzeigt, wie man Kindern und Jugendlichen in Notsituationen noch schneller und effektiver helfen kann!”

  • Amy & Nik Focht – First Aid on Children “We learned so much, found it both fun and educational and were so grateful to Lui for letting us bring our infant daughter with us to class.”

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What my customers say.

I really enjoyed the course. The casualty/patient cards activity was excellent. Actually putting knowledge into practice was quite a challenge – and I think we were all a lot better the second time round. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and effective presentation!

— participant —
First Aid course for the Swiss Driver’s License, July 2017

It was an amazing course, thank you very much! I didn’t expect I would learn and also have fun at the same time so much. I really admired Lui’s passion and her knowledge of the topic. Her communication skills with our group were great, too. I feel so much more confident to help someone in need now.

— participant —
First Aid course for the Swiss Driver’s License, June 2017

The interactions with multiple scenarios and people was really helpful and helped apply what we learnt to real life. Very fun and informative. Thank you!

— Ingrid —
First Aid course for the Swiss Driver’s License, February 2017

The course was absolutely brilliant. I would have loved for it to go on, it was that interesting and helpful.

— participant —
BLS AED Compact, Nord Stream 2 AG February 2017

Great course and well presented. Exactly what I needed. Really useful handouts as well. Would also be fantastic for “new arrivals”, especially with regard to products and what’s available here, etc. Thanks!

— Adrian —
First Aid on Children, January 2017

I absolutely loved the course. I have learned a lot and I can say I feel really well prepared in case of an emergency, both with children and adults. Everything was simply and well explained. Great job and thank you!

— Jihana —
First Aid on Children, January 2017

I learnt so much. Before taking this course, I was oblivious to how to act in an emergency and oblivious to the very large amount of baby hazards. Thank you so much for the great course.

— Ishika —
Babysitting & First Aid for Teenagers, December 2016

I was so pleased to have found a course in English over here. Very informative, a very good refresher for me when I needed to redo my qualification. Super equipment for the practical learning exercises that I had not seen in previous courses.

— participant —
First Aid on Children, November 2016

Thank you very much for this super cool and informative course. Many aspects covered were super interesting and fun to learn about.

Thanks again 🙂

— Vivienne —
Babysitting & First Aid for Teenagers, October 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the two courses Lui ran for our staff. All of the staff who took part are raving about them. They keep commenting on how much energy she put into the days to make it so interesting and how confident and empowered they feel now. Even more, they have already requested the refresher course in two years. Absolutely brilliant!

— Kathi Spencer, Assistant Vice-Principal, Hull’s School —
CPR, AED & First Aid for Teachers, September 2016