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Pulmex Baby

This month, Novartis Consumer Healthcare announced that due to variations in quality it has been decided to withdraw the Pulmex Baby ointment against cough and airway infections from the market. It was the classic recommendation for infants and children between …

First Year of a Newborn

I love this idea of looking back at the first year of a child: Sam Cornwell filmed daily short clips of his son Indigo and assembled them to one-second clips, 365 up to his first birthday. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/year-in-the-life-of-a-newborn–father-films-one-second-clips-of-baby-son-for-365-days-113348629.html#JAMcN48

Milk Alternatives

I found this link in one of the Facebook groups I’m in and it is an excellent resource for anything nutrition related. You will find nutrition tips, recipes and straightforward advice on this website run by a clinical nutritionist. Lauren …

Baby monitor

When I needed a monitor to check on my kids, these things were much more basic. This baby monitor connects with an iPhone, iPad or an android phone (I don’t have an android, so can’t tell you how well it …