Many things about health, safety and well-being have already been said and written about. Sometimes by unqualified but famous people, sometimes by qualified doctors and dieticians and sometimes by just about anyone. 

As a medical doctor, I provide well-researched and science-backed articles on a wide spectrum of topics. Sometimes it’s a personal experience that makes me bring this, research and facts together. I include

  • news in the medical and health industry
  • frequently asked questions
  • first aid topics
  • safety

Lyme Disease
Posted on September 13, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

April Lavigne says she “accepted death” when writing her newest single from her sickbed “during one of the scariest moments” of her life. She contracted Lyme Disease, which is transmitted by ticks, in 2014. When it says Lyme Disease is …

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Improve your Sleep
Posted on August 27, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

Slowly but surely we become aware of how important sleep is for our overall health. Not just for not feeling tired and exhausted, but for a lot more: sleep deficiency has been found to be linked to an increased risk …

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4 Trends Disrupting the Chemical Industry
Posted on August 23, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

I feel very honoured to have run trainings for a company that is not only “disrupting” the chemical industry … in a good, sustainable way but also takes care of their employees’ health and wellness: SAFECHEM

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Wellness Industry vs. Medicine
Posted on August 02, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

Wellness industry vs. medicine. Science vs. conspiracy theories. One cannot exist without the other. And they should both learn from one another. This article in the NY Times sheds investing views on this sensible topic. Photo credit: NY times: Illustration …

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Abdelhak Nouri
Posted on July 27, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

It took them a year to admit that the medical care provided on the field was inadequate. The consequences for then 20-year old Abdelhak Nouri were catastrophic: two days after being resuscitated during a test match in 2017, neurologists declared …

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Summer Flu
Posted on July 16, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

Here we are suffering under a heat wave with degrees above 30 for weeks and suddenly we are down with a flu. How can this happen and what exactly is a summer flu compared to the usual “winter flu”? The …

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China Overtakes US in Healthy Life Expectancy
Posted on May 05, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

A baby born in China today, is looking at a longer healthy life time than a baby born in the US. This is the shocking result of new evaluations by the WHO: for the first time, the order of these …

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Losing Trust in Modern Medicine
Posted on March 27, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

The health, wellness and nutrition industry are all suffering from an invasion of pseudoscience. Thank you Sandra Mikhail from Nutrition A-Z for interviewing me on the important, if often frustrating, topic of pseudoscience versus evidence-based recommendations.

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Health Guide to Switzerland
Posted on March 02, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

Do you understand the Swiss healthcare system? Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a patient? The Health Guide to Switzerland published by the Swiss Red Cross will answer many of your questions, and in many different languages. Whether …

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Pedestrian Safety on Zebra Crossings
Posted on February 16, 2018 by Luitgard Holzleg

Safety on zebra crossings is a topic of increasing importance. Pedestrians don’t just get hit on highly frequented crossings in larger cities but another risk area are smaller towns and villages on main roads (Kantonsstrassen). Especially the elderly are at …

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