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Safe Surfing
Posted on October 07, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

"Safe Surfing the Internet - Rules for Children and Parents" in German on the website of the Swiss Parenting Club. view more ›.

Restart A Heart
Posted on September 23, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Join us at the first "European Restart A Heart Day" and learn to restart the heart of someone who suffers from cardiac arrest. view more ›.

Croup Season
Posted on September 22, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Croup season is upon us. Do you know what Croup is? Or Pseudo-Croup as it called in German? view more ›.

Flying Nanny Service
Posted on September 07, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Etihad Airways have launched a "Flying Nanny" service for families travelling with young children. view more ›.

Poisoning Apps
Posted on September 06, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

I've been doing some research on apps about poisoning, prevention and most importantly management and have found two good ones. view more ›.

An International Emergency App
Posted on September 04, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Download an amazing app to your smart phone, allowing you to make an emergency phone call ANYWHERE in the world. view more ›.

Expat Expo in Zürich
Posted on August 23, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Join me at the Expat Expo in Zürich on September 1. view more ›.

Tiger mosquitoes in Switzerland
Posted on August 11, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Have you heard about the black and white striped tiger mosquitoes? view more ›.

Women and Stroke
Posted on August 09, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Many women believe that men are more likely to suffer from stroke than women. Do out believe that, too? view more ›.

Jamie Oliver wins a battle
Posted on August 05, 2013 by Luitgard Holzleg

Jamie Oliver has just won a battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world. view more ›.