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Gut Bacteria Deficit and Asthma
Posted on January 29, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

Gut bacteria are not just important for digestive health but a link to an increased asthma risk has been discovered when gut bacteria is destroyed. view more ›.

Dry Indoor Air
Posted on January 16, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

Dry air is a common problem during the cold winter months. Learn some simple tricks and tips to increase humidity levels. view more ›.

Increase Your Visibility
Posted on January 04, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

Counteract low visibility in the dark with an amazing light-reflective spray. view more ›.

New Year’s Resolutions
Posted on January 01, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

Simple but healthy New Year's resolutions. view more ›.

Happy New Year
Posted on January 01, 2016 by Luitgard Holzleg

Good-bye 2015 - Welcome 2016 view more ›.

Medical News 2015
Posted on December 29, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

A different type of flashback. view more ›.

Happy Holidays
Posted on December 24, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

Season's Greetings view more ›.

Five Tips for Holiday Eating
Posted on December 21, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

Five simple tips for the holidays to enjoy food and not feel guilty about it. view more ›.

32 New AEDs
Posted on December 16, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

Life saving information for canton Zug. view more ›.

Milk Hyper-Sensibility
Posted on December 09, 2015 by Luitgard Holzleg

Removing dairy products from a child's diet is a common step when parents worry their child could suffer from a cows’ milk protein allergy. Is that necessary? view more ›.